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What’s the Difference Between Lawn Care & Lawn Maintenance?

Lawn work is essential to boost curb appeal and is of importance to many commercial property managers. At Premier Property Maintenance, we offer lawn care and lawn maintenance services to keep your lawn in top condition. Read on to learn the difference between these services and see what they include.

What Does Lawn Care Entail?

Lawn care is a comprehensive process that focuses on creating a healthy Eco-system for grass to grow while preventing disease, controlling weeds and more. A key feature of lawn care is applying fertilizer to condition the soil and stimulate grass growth, yielding to robust growth.

These services include:
Lawn fertilization
Lawn aeration
Weed control

A professional lawn care program will implement a strategic plan to allow your lawn to look its best throughout the growing season and remove any weeds that may pop up, and ensure water is absorbed property by aerating at least once per year.

What Is Lawn Maintenance?

Lawn maintenance focuses on the overall appearance of your yard.

Lawn maintenance includes:
Lawn mowing (cutting the grass, trimming and using a leaf blower to remove clippings from hard surfaces and landscape beds)
● Clean up the yard before spring arrives
Landscape bed maintenance
Removing leaves and other natural debris in the fall

Your lawn will always look polished with professional maintenance by having straight lines, clean borders, and look similar to a major league baseball stadium’s outfield.

Whether you need lawn care or lawn maintenance in the north metro, only one lawn care company offers a practical, comprehensive service that keeps your lawn in top condition: Premier Property Maintenance. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discuss your lawn care or maintenance needs.

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