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What’s the Best Type of Snow Removal Contract For Your Commercial Property?

When selecting a snow removal contractor for your property, the contract or pricing structure can sometimes be confusing. In this blog post, we will explain different types of snow removal contracts to help you make an informed decision based on your property, service requirements, and budget.

Types of Snow Removal Contracts

There are three primary types of snow removal contracts for commercial properties: per event, monthly/seasonal, and time & materials.

Per Visit or Event

With a per visit contract, you are charged for each visit to your property. This is commonly used for residential driveway plowing and commercial properties. Billing usually occurs after the month’s services are completed, and plowing is performed when snow accumulations meet the specified depth. In larger storms, multiple visits to a property are typically required.

A variation of the per visit plan is the per event contract, where the price is determined based on the total snow depth. The company may visit the property multiple times depending on the timing and rate of snowfall.

Monthly or Seasonal

Seasonal or monthly rates involve fixed snow removal contract prices. These agreements utilize weather data to establish an average that benefits both parties depending on the season. If a winter experiences above-average snowfall, the client benefits, while a drier winter favors the contractor. Snow removal contract prices are influenced by various factors, including the snow depth triggering service, inclusion of ice control products (usually within a set limit), and more.

These contracts are commonly used for HOAs or townhouse complexes, as the management can accurately bill residents for the services.

Time & Materials

A time and materials contract charges based on the number of hours equipment operates on the property and the required man-hours for sidewalk shoveling, if applicable. Material costs for ice melt are calculated per pound (sidewalks) or ton (parking lots). These contracts are typical for large commercial properties, such as retail, industrial facilities, and warehouses.

Additional services, like applying ice melt, hauling snow off-site, or on-site snow pile stacking, are usually billed separately under a time-and-materials rate in per visit/event and monthly/seasonal contracts.

Ensure Clear Surfaces this Winter with Premier PM

At Premier Property Maintenance, our team of snow removal experts is equipped with efficient plowing and salting procedures, as well as personnel and equipment available 24/7 throughout the winter season. Contact us today to request a quote for your business, HOA, or townhouse complex.

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