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Top 5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Commercial Snow Removal Contractor

Snow plowing is essential, particularly in Minnesota where frequent snowfalls are prevalent. You need a snow removal company you can count on, with the right equipment and dedication to clear away large drifts. You need a company that will come to your property and work safely and diligently, even in inclement weather.

Before you choose a company to clear your snow, talk with a company representative about their business, snow removal technicians, and services to get answers to the following questions:

#1: Is Your Company Qualified to Perform Snow Removal?

Ask them how long they have been in business and how much experience their employees have with snow removal. Also ask for their proof of insurance to ensure coverage for any property damage if it were to occur.

#2: What is Your Snow Removal Process?

The company should have a standardized process for clearing snow from parking lots, drive lanes, etc, as well as provide insight into the trigger depth, return visits, post-storm clean up, on-site pile stacking, or hauling snow off-site if needed.

#3: What Equipment Does Your Company Use?

Ask the company to describe the equipment they will use to remove snow from your property. The equipment in their inventory could include:

  • Loaders and/or trucks for removing snow from paved surfaces
  • Effective and efficient snow blowers (walk-behind or ride-on machines) to remove snow and ice and shovels for areas where equipment can’t access
  • Ice melt materials such as calcium chloride or rock salt to keep paved surfaces accessible

#4: What Training Does Your Company Provide to its Snow Removal Technicians?

Inquire about the training their crews receive. Some contractors will have a new employee get into a machine on day 1 without proper experience, you’ll want to avoid this at all costs because the risk for damage can be much higher.

#5: What Steps Will They Take to Safeguard Your Property?

Since most properties have sprinkler systems, walkways, and other landscape features that could suffer damage if a snow plow strikes them or runs over them, ask the contractor if they give their operators maps of the property along with proper piling locations. Also ask if they will put snow stakes in the ground along the road, curb and sidewalk edges to reduce the risk for lawn or landscape damage.

If you’re located in Minneapolis or areas of the north and east metro and are in need of top-rated commercial snow removal, contact the experts at Premier Property Maintenance today.

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