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The Importance of Yard Drainage for Commercial Properties in Minnesota

As a business property owner or manager in Minnesota, you may already know how difficult it can be to maintain the exterior space. Then from a functional aspect, many commercial properties are even more susceptible to water damage and soil erosion, which is why it is essential to have reliable and effective solutions for yard drainage. Whether you are dealing with a soggy lawn or water pooling in your parking lot, this blog post will cover common solutions for commercial yard drainage in Minnesota.

French Drains

If you have standing water or poor soil conditions, a French drain might be the best solution. These drains are trenches filled with a perforated pipe, gravel, and a layer of filter fabric. They redirect water away from your property and into a more suitable location. French drains are ideal for commercial properties with large amounts of water runoff, and they’re relatively low-maintenance.

Catch Basins

Catch basins help redirect the water that accumulates on your property into the drain system. They are typically connected to downspouts, gutters, or other drainage systems. A catch basin is especially useful in parking lots or driveways where water puddles can lead to safety hazards. If you want to prevent the pooling of water in these areas, installing catch basins is the best option.


Sometimes, the solution to your yard drainage woes is as simple as adjusting the slope. Grading your property can improve drainage, directing water away from your foundation and into drainage systems. If you have a flat or low-lying lot, you might consider hiring a professional to grade your property.

Dry Creek Beds

Dry creek beds incorporate a more natural approach to your lawn and landscape drainage needs. After a trench is dug from the troubled area to a location better suited for water to accumulate, the slope is set and then rock in varying sizes (typically river rock) is installed. For properties experiencing lots of water pooling due to soil type or terrain, poly or fabric is installed underneath the rock to send water down the creek even further.

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