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Save time and boost curb appeal with help from Premier Property Maintenance, a top-rated company providing the best lawn care service in Woodbury, MN to clients ranging from local businesses, HOAs, industrial facilities and more.

Commercial Lawn Care Woodbury, MN

Keeping a lawn green, weed free and perfectly manicured is on the mind’s of many property managers. The goal is to maximize your property’s appearance and while this can become quite the endeavor, we provide lawn care in Woodbury, MN along with landscape maintenance and installation to commercial clients.

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Dependable Lawn Mowing Services

Put away the mower and relax and allow our expert team to make your property look amazing from spring through fall with our weekly lawn cutting services. Our lawn care professionals manicure your turf to the optimal height and in the process create an effect in your lawn that resembles the outfield of a major league baseball stadium’s outfield.

Our standard lawn mowing services include:

Lawn Fertilizing and Weed Control Treatments

Lawn fertilization and weed control applications are a top priority when taking care of your turf. Out perfectly timed applications give your grass the right amount of nutrients at ideal times during the season to establish a strong root system and lush appearance.

Weed control spraying applications and treatments prevent the invasion of noxious weeds that can take over your lawn. In Woodbury and surrounding areas, crabgrass and dandelions have targets on their back. Our applications are scheduled appropriately to combat these weeds before they spread.

Dethatching and Spring Lawn Clean Ups

After several months of bitter cold and snow stacked up on top of your lawn, the snow melts and winter’s wrath is left behind. Most lawns look less than desirable and are in urgent need of maintenance. The yard clean up and lawn dethatching work done in early spring will set the tone for the healthy of your lawn throughout the growing season.

Leaf Removal and Fall Lawn Clean Ups

When the crisp autumn air begins to blow in, and the leaves begin to fall – it is truly a beauty to watch, but can be an outright pain to clean up. Our leaf removal professionals can remove the unsightly yard debris. During this process we prepare your lawn for the upcoming cold winter ahead by blowing out out all the leaves, cut the turf one last time at an appropriate height to prepare it for winter and haul away the leaves, sticks and other debris to a proper disposal site.

Aeration & Overseeding

Few services provide the vast amount of benefits to your turf like core lawn aeration and overseeding do. Aeration involves removing cores of turf, root and soil into small plugs, this allows the flow of oxygen and moisture into the soil, eventually reducing compaction and helping strengthen the roots of your lawn.

Overseeding is applying a grass seed on top of an existing lawn and is used to boost the robustness of your yard. This is commonly rendered in conjunction with an aeration service since the seed will be able to reach the soil much easier. Following up a lawn overseeding service with adequate watering will lead to a lawn that is much thicker which is the best defense against weeds.

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The team at Premier Property Maintenance has decades of combined experience in maintaining properties throughout the east metro. Beyond maintenance, we also provide a wide array of installation work including ground covering, sod, grading, planting tress & shrubs and more.

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