Lawn Dethatching & Spring Clean Ups

Get your lawn ready for new growth with help from Premier Property Maintenance, a top-rated company providing the best spring yard clean ups and lawn dethatching in White Bear Lake, MN and many surrounding areas to residential and commercial clients.

Spring Yard Clean Ups

Winter can wreak havoc on Minnesota lawns and leave it an absolute mess the following spring. Falling leaves and other debris that made their way onto your lawn and landscape areas, snow that has stacked up for months, and depending on the piling locations for snow plowing, the additional snow can negatively impact your grass and landscape as well.

It is imperative to remove all accumulated debris, whether it be leaves, sand or sticks from landscape beds and turf areas in order to allow sunlight and air to reach the plants and grass beneath. The best course of action is a professional spring clean up from the expert team at Premier Property Maintenance.

Whether you have an office property, townhouse complex or a warehouse with 2 acres of turf our crews can get your yard thoroughly cleaned up and looking its best this spring. 

Lawn Dethatching White Bear Lake, MN & Surrounding Areas

When thatch builds up in your lawn, it can inhibit sunlight, air, moisture and the minerals in fertilizer from reaching the soil beneath your grass. This can hinder the growth and appearance of your lawn because the roots are unable to get the light, water and food they need in order to robustly grow. The best remedy for removing thatch is with a lawn dethatching service from the lawn specialists at Premier Property Maintenance. We utilize state of the art commercial-grade equipment that will effectively remove thatch, allowing your lawn to lushly grow in and maximize your business property’s curb appeal.

To schedule a spring yard clean up or lawn dethatching in White Bear Lake, MN or surrounding community, give us a call at (651) 571-9972 or fill out our online request form.

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