Mulch, Rock & Edging Installation

Boost curb appeal and enhance aesthetics with professionally installed ground covering and edging from the experts at Premier Property Maintenance, a company based in White Bear Lake, MN. Delivery services also available for $150 + material costs. Get in touch to learn more.


Mulch, also referred to as wood chips, is a fantastic way to add a finishing touch to your landscape beds. Besides enhancing the property’s aesthetics, mulch is beneficial to your plants and trees by providing a layer of insulation to retain soil moisture and keep it cooler, allowing your shrubs to thrive even during the hot summer months.

Premier Property Maintenance professionally installs a wide variety of colors including dyed dark brown, black, gold, red, cedar and natural brown mulch on commercial properties. Our team will apply your choice of mulch at a depth of approximately two inches for topdressing, and 3-4″ for brand new installs.

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Decorative Rock

Decorative landscape rock is an excellent option for the homeowner or property manager that is looking for a “one and done” installation and very low-maintenance. Since landscape rock is installed with a weed barrier underneath (with holes cut for plants), the area is not advantageous for weeds to grow because there is no soil for the weeds to establish their roots. Many also prefer the aesthetics brought forth by rock as opposed to mulch, since rock comes in may different sizes, varieties and colors that mulch doesn’t offer. Rock also makes the process easier for blowing out grass clippings that may land in the beds when mowing and during fall leaf removal, since rock is heavier than mulch.

Premier Property Maintenance installs locally-sourced river rock, limestone, trap and more. Whether you have a business property that you are looking to increase curb appeal by installing buff limestone, or you’ve just built your dream home want to bring out the color of your siding with multi-colored river rock, our team has you covered.

When the installation is complete, our team cleans up the worksite to ensure rock is not left in the lawn or on paved surfaces, and that your property looks immaculate. Give us a call at (651) 571-9972 or request an estimate today to get started on your next project.

Landscape Edging

Our professional edging installation perfectly outlines your mulch, garden border or newly installed decorative rock while helping keep ground covering material where it belongs (not in your grass). Edging provides a sharp barrier between elements of your property, creating a distinct, bold and refined look to your outdoor space. We offer several edging materials to give your yard a finely manicured appearance, allowing your residence or commercial property’s exterior to look its best.

We work with commercial properties, townhouse complexes and HOAs looking to maximize curb appeal, call us at (651) 571-9972 or fill out our quote request form to get started.

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