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How to Prepare Your Minnesota Lawn for Winter

Many Minnesota residents spend spring and summer tending to their lawns in hopes of it becoming the highlight of their neighborhood. However, when the colder months hit, some Minnesotans lack the knowledge of effective ways to prepare their lawns for winter. Premier Property Maintenance put together a few lawn care tips and tricks to help residents ready their lawns for the chilly winter.

Continue Your Lawn Maintenance Routine

Grass doesn’t grow quite as fast once the cooler temperatures arrive, and with the vast amount of fall activities, kids going back to school, this leads many homeowners to let their lawn go by the wayside once autumn arrives. But it’s critical to continue mowing through the end of October. During this final month of cutting, you’ll want to gradually drop your mower deck’s height each week until the grass is at about 2-2.25″, as it will make leaf removal easier as well as reduce the chances of snow mold.

It’s also best practice to treating your lawn with a winterizing fertilizer shortly before the leaves begin to fall to boost its nitrogen content and increase green-up speed in the spring.

Mulch and/or Pick Up Leaves

Excess leaves can significantly deplete your lawn’s ability to take in sunlight, water and air which hinders the growth process. Mulching the fallen leaves at least once per week, eventually the leaves will decompose into the soil and provide nutrients for your grass. If leaf cover is incredibly dense even after mulching, it’s best to do at least one final fall clean up in November to cut back perennials, remove remaining leaves and debris and cut the grass one more time.

Winterize the Shrubs and Trees

Winterizing shrubs and trees will allow them to survive the cold and thrive during the warmer months. It may be necessary to prune branches in early fall (at least 4 before the cold temperatures arrive to allow the plant or tree to heal), and regularly water plants and trees until high temperatures during the day are near the freezing mark. Continual watering will strengthen the root system and prepare it for the long winter ahead.


Aerating your lawn involves the process of mechanically removing cores of soil, grass and roots. This practice helps reduce compaction, as well as increase your lawn’s ability to absorb water which is very important prior to winter. The best time to aerate your lawn is usually during the fall as it’s coupled with overseeding to help boost a lawn’s thickness, opposed to spring when most properties have crabgrass pre-emergent applied. If a pre-emergent fertilizer is applied, it will prevent any new growth from sprouting for about 4-6 weeks.

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