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How Commercial Lawn Care Attracts & Retains Tenants

As a property manager, one of your top priorities is likely keeping tenants satisfied and happy. This can be achieved by providing a clean and healthy environment for them to call headquarters for their company if you manage offices, or home if you manage a townhouse complex. One of the most simple yet effective ways to achieve this is through commercial lawn care services. Well-manicured lawns and landscape areas are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also add value to your property. In this blog post, we will dive into how commercial lawn care can attract and retain tenants.

First Impressions Matter

It’s said that first impressions are everything, and the same holds true with properties. A well-maintained lawn can make a great first impression on potential tenants because when they see a property with healthy grass, beautiful landscaping, and colorful flowers, it shows that the property owners care about their investment and the tenants that occupy it. A poorly maintained lawn can negatively impact the first impressions of the property and drive potential tenants away.

Increase Property Value

The value of a property increases with better landscaping and lawn care. Ownership and management can increase the rental value of a property with commercial lawn mowing, fertilization, weed control, leaf removal, aeration and shrub trimming, thereby making it a more profitable investment. Curb appeal is crucial when it comes to any property, and tenants are willing to pay premium rent for it.

Healthy Environment

Healthy lawns and gardens create a safe environment for tenants. Regular maintenance can help mitigate pest problems and promote healthier air quality. A healthy landscape can help filter polluted air and keep the soil and water clean. Maintaining green spaces can also encourage tenants to be more active and engage in outdoor activities.

Reduce Tenant Complaints

Many tenants complain about property maintenance, which can lead to early termination of leases and even legal issues. With professionals looking after your grounds, tenants are more likely to have a clean and healthy living environment, which leads to fewer tenant complaints overall. Good property maintenance can also avoid costly repair expenses.

Increase Tenant Retention

Tenants are more likely to stay with a property that is well maintained. A properly maintained landscape can set your property apart from competitors and give you an edge in tenant retention. Professional landscaping services can help keep the property looking great year-round, stand out among other rental properties, and attract and retain tenants.

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Whether you own a few restaurants, manage half a dozen office complexes, or anything in-between, contact the experts at Premier Property Maintenance for a bid on top-rated commercial lawn care, snow removal and more.

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